Club Certificate of Honour


Club Certificate of Honour

This award is given to members who have contributed to the Club

either in the limelight or more often in the background, by being there,

just helping or making a difference.

The Region can forward suitable nominations to National

Council each year.

National Council will then approve the recipients who are then awarded

their certificate and pin badge by a member of the National exec.


The following are all members of Eastern Region who have

Received this prestigious award

2015   Linda & Ian Walsh

2014   Anne & Wol Bailey

2013   Michael & Ros Lawler

2013   Charles & Yvonne Wisby

2012   Steve Holland

2011   Graham Wilkin

2010  Steve Harris

2009 Chris & Jill Nursey

2008   Brian Boldero

2007  John Hopkins

2006  Tony Ward

2005  John & Jane Read

2004  Joy Carlton

2003  John Clarke

2002  Derek & Elizabeth Durrant

2001 Derek Dockrill

1998  Brian & Sue Welham

1994  Mick Wicks

1993  Keith Jackson

1992  Marjorie Slaughter

1991  Dennis Holland

1990  Jim Norman

1989 Rod Daniels

1986 George Adie

1985 Jim Nichols

1983 Alan Foster

1981 Dia Evens

1980 Sonny Hastings

1979 Ron Bailey


Please note any member can in the first instance forward details to their DA or section of fellow members who they consider may be worthy of an award