Regional Awards

Eastern Region Award Pin Badge

Eastern Region Award Pin Badge


Eastern Region Award

The Eastern Region award was introduced in 1985. For the years 1985 to 1987 the Regional Award went to the person that the Regional Council had nominated for the Club Certificate of Honour. From 1988 it was decided to have it as a separate award and nominations could be submitted to Regional Council by any member of the Club who was a member of the DA’s and Sections within the Region. In some years the nominations were considered to be of such a high caliber that two awards were made. The award is conferred on a member who has given long and valued service to the Club. It gives us an opportunity of saying thank you in a tangible way to those who have given exceptional or outstanding service to the Club. We should consider those members who have helped us in a quiet way, which has not attracted the limelight that normally shines on those who hold office within the Club, although the award is open to Councillors and Committee Members. 



2023 John & Ronnie Macleod , Gill & Dave Samuels

2022      Stuart & Jenny Lawler , Molfrey French Owen

2021     Roger & Jean Bedford

2020     Andy Window

2019     Eve Wann,  Chris Barber

2018     No Recipient

2017      no Recipient

2016     No Recipient

2015     Ross & Jane Walker

2014     Carol & Kevin Hodges

2013     Tony Lavell

2012     Bill & Janet  Flynn
2011     No recipient
2010    Barrie & Carol Williams
2009   Mark Walland
2008   Stephen Holland
2007   Linda Walsh
2006   Jane Read & Dave Gooding
2005   John Tyrie
2004   Ian Humber & Julie Pengelly
2003   Frank Hammond
2002   Brian Boldero
2001   Joy Calton
2000   Gordon Belling & Derek & Elizabeth Durrant
1999   Marjorie Lang
1998   Peter Bodell
1997   John Read
1996   Eric Cullum & Tony Ward
1995   Ivy Lake
1994   Doug Bedford
1993   Derek Dockrill
1992   John Clark
1991   Nick Nicholson
1990   ‘Pop’ Norman
1989   Keith Jackson
1988   Marjorie Slaughter & Chris Ward
1987   Dennis Holland
1986   Rose Wright
1985   Danny Clark


To Nominate a member- in the first instance send the details to your DA Secretary along with the reasons why the individual ( or couple ) should be considered